Sir Gerald Kaufman

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The new Father of the House and MP for Manchester Gorton, Sir Gerald Kaufman, talks to the Guardian’s politics podcast about the arrival of 50 new SNP MPs.  During the conversation he refers to Scotland’s 56 SNP MP’s as “Goons” as he describes their behaviour as “infantile” in regards to the power play that’s been happening regarding seats in parliament.

“I’m not Scottish and therefore I don’t understand Scotland in the way that I hope I understand England.” He continues, and this raises a valid point about why he should maybe have refrained from resorting to name calling and perhaps had a conversation with the 56 to try to understand why they are behaving in the way they are.

He was right to state that what happened in Scotland was a cataclysm but as he has clearly state he does not understand Scotland and he therefore does not understand the mandate the Scottish people gave the SNP when we returned them in such huge numbers to Westminster.

But before we look a little further into what Sir Gerald describes as the “infantile” game playing of the 56, let’s look at the other questions Sir Gerald Kaufman’s comments have raised.

Scotland is once again being governed by a Conservative government when as a country they returned one Conservative MP out of a possible 59 seats, 56 of the seats were won with a massive swing to the SNP.  Just how many of the Conservative’s majority that has once again been forced upon Scotland feel like Sir Kaufman and “don’t understand Scotland”?

To me, this is the simple point of this matter and why I feel a conversation with the 56 rather than name calling would have been the sensible thing to do.  Perhaps speaking with and listening to those we have sent to represent us would help him understand what is happening in Scotland and what the Scottish people want and need from their MP’s.  Instead as we have often seen from those firmly embedded in the establishment Sir Gerald resorted to name calling.

Like Sir Gerald I also want our MP’s to get on with the job as there are so many issues affecting the people of the U.K. right now and Scotland like many other areas is about to be well and truly fracked, yes I am aware of the moratorium but I’m also aware that what the people want is a complete ban.  The significant difference however is that unlike Sir Gerald I do understand Scotland and the people of Scotland as I am one of them.

We have had enough, we have had enough of an out-dated establishment telling us what we can and can’t do, we’ve had enough of being called names and being ignored and we’ve had enough of people who do not understand Scotland making decisions for us.  We’ve had enough of the jibes directed at our leaders that we democratically elected and being painted as the pick-pockets when we’ve been getting robbed for years!

What Sir Gerald sees as infantile game playing I see as a power play, a power play sanctioned by the Scottish people who voted for an SNP tsunami to hit Westminster and for the other side of the story to be told.  A power play that must be had in the public arena and reflects the will of the Scottish people to shake things up, something I understand many in England want to see happening too as although we have a majority Conservative government in the U.K. a majority of people did not vote Conservative.

Even though Sir Gerald doesn’t understand the message, Scotland has spoken loud and clear and over the coming months you can expect her message to be heard whether the status quo likes it or not.