Obama and the art of gathering

Some people are born to acquire resources, and some are born to manage them.  That’s not a bad thing, mind you; it’s a system that’s worked for thousands of years.  The cave man could bring meat to his cave lady, and she could prepare it for the family.  Even today we see fishermen who leave the shore for days at a time to catch and bring fish home.  Farmers grow tomatoes that somehow make it into your salsa.  On your plate.

Some people gather resources, while others put them to use.  It’s not a bad thing.

This is the thought that came to me when I saw President Obama’s gaffe today.  (you know, the one where he wrote down the date as 2008) Our president is a gatherer of almost limitless talent, but management seems to neither interest him nor does it seem to be his strong suit.

I’ve always thought he was the best salesman at the dealership, and someone thought that somehow made him qualified to run the joint.  It doesn’t.  I won’t say that it never does.  But it often does not.  And to put things bluntly, I think President Obama wishes he was back on the sales floor.

I don’t blame him at all.  I’m a gatherer, myself, and the thrill of the hunt has always appealed to me more than dealing with my trophy’s carcass afterwards.  Some people excel at gathering resources but are lacking when time comes to manage them.  Ask the man who woos a Hollywood sweetheart only to dump her for a tattoo artist.  Closing the deal can be fun, but offering customer service can be a drag.

The problem is that our President closed the deal on one of the most important jobs in the world.  And he can’t just cat around with Kat Von D, until the electorate dumps him.  He has to stick this out.  And you can tell he thinks it’s a drag.

Now maybe I’m making too much out of a Freudian slip, but I think this is what happened when our president signed the visitor book in England today.  I think he was in “Rockstar Mode”, and accidentally scribbled down the best year of his life instead of today’s actual date.  In his mind, he was back in front of 70,000 screaming fans and sticking it to the man.  (the man being George W. Bush, the entire Republican party, and 49% of America)  His books were best sellers, you could count the number of news outlets who challenged him on one hand, and Oprah threw her credibility in the trashcan to anoint him as “The One”.  2008 was a good year for Barack Obama, and damn if it didn’t feel good to be a gangsta.

I think that hanging out with the Queen and staying in Prince William and Kate’s royal suite was over stimulating our (recently) under stimulated president.  He just couldn’t help himself, and his hand went where his heart told it to go.  I understand how he could feel that way; I just hope he understands that his job isn’t over after he seals the deal.  If he bags the buck, he’s got to deal with the carcass.  Even if that doesn’t feel very gangsta.

*** “Gangsta” in this context is a reference to the movie: Office Space.